TYPE: Board Meeting
DATE: 4/18/2017 TIME: 7:00 PM
LOCATION: James Areida Education Support Center
DETAILS: Regular Board Meeting
Teleconference Location
41 Carrer del Bruc, Barcelona, Eixample, Spain 08010 Info
Call to Order
Closed Session 6:00 p.m./Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m. Info
Public Comment on Closed Session Items
The public may comment on Closed Session agenda items prior to the Board adjourning to Closed Session. Info
Adjourn to Closed Session
Closed Session
Placement of Non-Public School Students (Ms. Vetica) Info/Action
K-12 Student Discipline Cases (Ms. Vetica) Info
Personnel Matters: Public Employee Appointment-Employment; Public Employee Performance Evaluation; Public Employee Discipline-Dismissal-Release 1) Director III Information Services; 2) Principal Adult School/CTE; 3) Superintendent's Evaluation (Mr. McKilligan) Info/Action
Conference with Legal Counsel – Anticipated Litigation (Gov’t Code 54956.9) (Dr. Washer) Significant exposure to litigation: One (1) potential case. Info/Action
Conference with Labor Negotiators (Mr. McKilligan) Mr. McKilligan, Assistant Superintendent, Personnel, will discuss, on an as-necessary basis, negotiations with Employee Group Representatives. Info
Reconvene Public Meeting
Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance
Roll will be called and the President will lead in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Info
Report on Actions from Closed Session
The Board President will report on action taken in Closed Session. Info
Recognition of Staff and Students Certified in Level 1 Rocketry (Ms. Kotowski) Info
Science Olympiad Teams From LUSD Schools at the Elementary, Middle, and High School Levels Will Be Recognized (Ms. Ortega-Lampkin/Ms. Vetica) Info
Superintendent and Staff Member Reports
Superintendent's Report Info
Comments from the Public
A 20-minute time period has been set aside for the public to address the Board on items NOT listed on the agenda. Each public speaker shall limit his/her comments to three (3) minutes, but is welcome to distribute any materials to Board and/or staff. Due to restrictions imposed by the California Brown Act regarding discussing topics that are not on the agenda, Board members may not engage in dialogue about the issue. Info
Consent Agenda A - Routine Business Action
(Item A-1) Changes to the Adopted Budget (Mr. Hern) Staff is recommending approval of the changes to the adopted budget. Action
(Item A-2) Warrant Report (Mr. Hern) Action
(Item A-5) Quarterly Report Pursuant to the Williams and Valenzuela Settlements (Ms. Vetica) Action
Individual Action on Items Pulled from Consent Agenda A - Routine Business
(Item A-3) Resolution 2017-32 Finding That Board Member Bonnie Cassel Was Absent From the April 4, 2017, Regular Board Meeting Due to Illness (Dr. Washer) Action
(Item A-4) Minutes of the Regular Board of Education Meeting of April 4, 2017 (Dr. Washer) Action
Consent Agenda B - Student Discipline Cases Action
(Item B-1) Suspended Expulsion: Student # 16/17-9-56 Action
(Item B-2) Suspended Expulsion: Student # 16/17-11-57 Action
(Item B-3) Suspended Expulsion: Student # 16/17-9-58 Action
Individual Action on Items Pulled from Consent Agenda B - Student Matters
Other Action Items
(Item OAI-1) Motion to Rescind Board Action on March 21, 2017 to Appoint the Measure U Citizens' Oversight Committee (Ms. Cassel) Info/Action
(Item OAI-2) Motion to Appoint the Measure U Citizen's Oversight Committee (Mr. Hern) Info/Action
(Item OAI-3) Resolution 2017-31 - Board of Education of the Lodi Unified School District Prescribing the Terms and Authorizing the Issuance of the Election, Series 2017 Bonds (Mr. Hern) This action will approve forms of and authorize the execution and delivery of a paying agent agreement, a bond purchase agreement, a continuing disclosure certificate, and an official statement; authorize distribution of the official statement; and authorize execution of necessary certificates. Info/Action
(Item OAI-4) Ratification of the Tentative Agreement with Lodi Pupil Personnel Association (Mr. McKilligan) The Board of Education is asked to ratify the tentative agreement reached with Lodi Pupil Personnel Association. Info/Action
Personnel Matters
Approval of Certificated and Classified Personnel Matters (Mr. McKilligan) The Board will approve routine personnel matters. Info/Action
Comments from Student Representatives Info
Comments from Employee Group Representatives Info
Comments from Board Members Info
Comments from the Superintendent Info
Proposed Suspension of Katnich Program (Ms. Vetica) Info
Maintenance & Operations - Construction Project Specialists (Mr. Hern) Info
Board Advisory Committee Reports
Board Members will report on discussions from various Board Advisory/Subcommittee meetings. Info
Future Agenda Items
Board Members may make suggestions for items or topics to be placed on future agendas for Board consideration. Info
Closed Session (continued if necessary)
Americans with Disabilities Act
Any individual requiring disability-related accommodations or modification, including auxiliary aids and services in order to participate in the meeting, should contact the Superintendent's Office at 331-7004, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Info
Posted by 5:00 p.m., April 14, 2017, on the District's website at (Board of Education: Electronic School Board), James Areida Education Support Center, 1305 East Vine Street, Lodi, CA 95240 and 41 Carrer del Bruc, Barcelona, Eixample, Spain 08010. Info