Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 2/19/2019 - 7:00 PM
Category: Individual Action on Items Pulled from Consent Agenda A - Routine Business
Type: Action
Subject: (Item A-6) Approval of Resolution 2019-25 Acceptance of Resignation of Measure L Citizens' Oversight Committee Member (Mr. Kahn)
Enclosure: Resolution 2019-25 Acceptance of Resignation of Member - Marie-France Thao
Letter of Resignation - Marie-France Thao
File Attachment:
Resolution 2019-25- Acceptance of Resignation of Member - Measure L.Marie-France Thao.ada.pdf
Thao.Measure L Committee_Resignation Letter_02062018.ada.pdf
Summary: On February 6, 2019, Committee member Marie-France Thao, submitted to the District her resignation from the Measure L Citizens Bond Oversight Committee. Approval of this resolution will accept the resignation of Ms. Marie-France Thao from the Measure L Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee.
Funding: There is no financial impact associated with the approval of this resolution.
Recommendation: It is recommended the Board of Education adopt Resolution 2019-25.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Vickie Brum - Planning Analyst II
Signed By:
Leonard Kahn - Chief Business Officer
Signed By:
Cathy Washer - Superintendent