Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 3/3/2020 - 7:00 PM
Category: Reports
Type: Info
Subject: California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA) Instructional Materials Recommendation (Ms. Kotowski)
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Lodi USD Curriculum Committee Recommendations 2020.pptx
Lodi USD Curriculum Committee Recommendations 2020-ada.pdf
Lodi Community Resources-ada.pdf
Summary: A Comprehensive Sexual Education Committee was formed to review the instructional materials that would comply with the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA) for middle and high schools. The committee was composed of grades 7-12 teachers and 3 community members. Based on the recommendation of this committee, "Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH) was selected to meet CHYA.

This was presented to and approved by Curriculum Council at a meeting held on February 24, 2020. Materials are on display at the JAESC in Portable F until April 3, 2020.
Recommendation: Staff is presenting this information as a report and is seeking the Board's recommendation.
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Signed By:
Lisa Kotowski - Assistant Superintendent
Signed By:
Cathy Washer - Superintendent